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I have been the London Correspondent for ABC Radio National's 'THE MUSIC SHOW'. Hosted by composer, writer and broadcaster Andrew Ford, THE MUSIC SHOW is a live, two-hour mix of conversation and music, and goes out every Saturday, 10.00-12.00, from Sydney, Australia.

The Music Show

ABC Radio National  


Matilda the Musical 

'Tough' new music |  February 2012  

The Boxettes 

Aurora Orchestra  |  David Bedford |  November 2011   

Amy Winehouse

The Proms |  Glyndebourne |  August 2011 

Hugh Laurie

Nico Muhli' Two Boys  |  The Proms |  July 2011

Royal Wedding Music

Salisbury Cathedral   |   Daniel Barenboim |  May 2011

V V Brown

Robert Tear | Cuts to Arts funding |  April 2011

Mark-Anthony Turnage's opera "Anna Nicole"

Joan Sutherland memorial concert | The Brit Awards |  February 2011

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